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Napier Conference Centre

24-25 August 2019

Paediatric Allergy Testing and Bee Venom Allergy

Saturday 24 August



This session will cover the skin prick testing and serum specific IgE testing (the old RAST) and what these tests can help diagnose and what they can’t! Dr Craig will also discuss bee venom allergy, its different types, management and potential cure.



Dr Craig is a General Paediatrician and considers herself very privileged to be living and working part-time in the Bay for the last 10 years. Angela’s special interest areas are eczema and allergy which most people would say she is somewhat passionate about and luckily they make up the majority of her outpatient clinical work. On the days Angela is not at work, she is usually out and about with her active husband, 2 girls and her dog enjoying some adventure.