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Napier Conference Centre

24-25 August 2019

Setting the Vision and Strategies for your Practice

Saturday 24 August


To provide you with a simple and effective process to create your single, inspirational organisation vision statement

The qualities of a well-crafted vision should be:

  • Future Focused: Provides the “big picture” and clearly describes what your organization will be like in several years’ time.

  • Directional:  Serves as guide to organizational plans and strategies.

  • Specific: Clear and focused enough to shape decision-making.

  • Values-Based: Implies the set of values that are required to support the organization.

  • Challenging: Inspires members of the organization to do great things and achieve a higher level of standards.

  • Unique and Memorable: Highlights what makes the organization different and why it matters.

  • Inspiring: Appealing and engages people to commit to a cause


  • Please bring along a copy of your Practice Vision

  • Please answer these three Important Questions prior to attending the workshop:

    1. Without constraints, what ultimate benefit could we provide our patients (or key stakeholders)?

    2. Without constraints, what future would our people be inspired to create?

    3. Without constraints, what do we believe is our unique and valuable contribution to the world?



Bruce Beaton is employed by T&G Global as Head of Global Supply – Apples. He has spent his working life in the supermarket retail business and the horticultural apple business as an executive and in governance positions.

Bruce has a strong focus on developing opportunities for people in the organisations he has been involved in and knows that a strong inspiring vision statement can drive an organisation forward.