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24-25 August 2019

Dealing with Difficult People: Making the Front Desk Safe and Sane

Saturday 24 August



Modern medical providers serve a much broader mix of people and personalities then almost any other profession. And by far, the majority of our patients and clients are pleasant, cooperative, helpful, and appreciative of our services.

A certain percentage, however, range from anxious, to difficult, to demanding, to angry, to irrational, to downright scary. These individuals require special attention, special skills, and special strategies – if we are to interact with them effectively and make our workplace a safe and sane place for us to be – and to feel good about.

This one-hour – hands on – what to do – workshop provides training in a few of the essential, verbal, emotional and interpersonal skills we all need to turn conflict into cooperation, and successfully deal with the most challenging types of people.




Edmond Otis is licenced psychotherapist, consultant, and educator. His AACT-Now workplace programs provide cutting edge training to public and private organisations, health and sport agencies, businesses, schools, and individuals on a myriad of topics related to conflict, communication, performance, resilience, leadership, safety and interpersonal synergy. Visit www.linkedin.com/in/edmondotis.

Living in New Zealand, since 2008, Edmond is currently a senior lecturer in the school of Health and Sport Science at the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT). As a senior lecturer at the University of California, Riverside from 1981 – 2006, he was twice recipient of the University Distinguished Teaching award.

Personally, and professionally, Edmond is most interested in the endless ways thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and relationships impact our performance, hour health, and our quality of life.